With DoorBird you never miss a visitor

For single-family houses and commercial buildings with 1 unit 1 Call Button

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For single-family houses and commercial buildings with 1 unit Keypad Module ∙ 1 Call Button

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For multi-tenant residences and buildings with up to 100 units Display Module ∙ Keypad Module

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Individual systems for multi-tenant residences, mail and parcel boxes with DoorBird technology

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Simply the smartest and most secure wireless Bluetooth® smart lock on the market


Danapad V3

With its Bluetooth interface to the Danalock V3 smart lock, the Danapad V3 keypad extends secure, controlled access. You no longer have to bring a key or a phone when leaving home. With the Danapad V3, access has never been easier. Just create a pin code for each guest and the Danalock system takes care of the rest.

Danabridge V3

Plug the Danabridge V3 into a power outlet and connect it to your home Wi-Fi in the Danalock app – then it is ready to be paired with your Danalock smart lock. Remember to place it within Bluetooth range.

Universal module V3

The Danalock Universal Module V3 is the perfect solution for operating electronic devices such as garage doors and electronic locks with your smartphone.

Create and send permanent or temporary access-keys via SMS or email. You can also choose to be notified when the lock is used.

2N Accessing Units

Welcome any visitors to your building in style and save the cost of a reception service. Take advantage of the advanced features of 2N door intercoms. Not only do you get comfortable communication, but thanks to the integrated camera you also reinforce your entrance access security.

  • Excellent intelligibility even in noisy environments
  • Wide-angle colour camera with CCTV link
  • Utilize existing infrastructure
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The system for professionals

Home Matic

Control units and gateways

CasaSIT solution devices can be connected to one another and programmed via the control units and gateways. The software offers various configuration and application possibilities, so that there are no limits to creativity for installing your individual smart home.

Heating and climate control

CasaSIT solution Radiator Thermostats offer demand-based room-by-room control of radiators in connection with the Window Sensor and Wall Thermostats. The products regulate the room temperature and air quality. As a result, rooms will never feel too hot or too cold.

Windows and Doors

You will no longer have to carry around your bunch of keys during running! Simply connect any kind of fingerprint sensor with a push-button interface to the CCU2 and the system solution will open your front door.

Start managing your home smart way!