Doorline Slim Dect

Doorline Slim Dect

The DoorLine Slim DECT has all the properties of the DoorLine Slim – with one decisive difference: The elegant door intercom system can be easily connected to the telephone system (router) via the secure DECT wireless standard – in a similar way to your cordless telephone.



Connected to the telephone system (router) in seconds.

  • Fast and wireless connection to a telephone system (router) using DECT
  • Ideally suited to simple retrofitting operations, e.g. for granny flats
  • Stable connection thanks to its own, WLAN-independent frequency range
  • Compatible with many telephone systems (routers) with DECT interface, such as FRITZ!Box from AVM and Speedport from Telekom.

for long-lasting convenience
The surface of the DoorLine Slim DECT is a robust, easy-to-clean, continuous glass panel. This enables the use of touch-sensitive sensor buttons. The advantages of this technology are obvious: it’s wear-free, maintenance-free and weatherproof (protection against the rain). This ensures that your intercom system is both reliable and durable.

At the same time, the glass surface is used as a speaker. Thanks to innovative exciter technology, there are no annoying speaker holes and you enjoy excellent voice quality!

with almost all routers or telephone systems with a DECT interface
like FRITZ!Box from AVM and Speedport from Telekom.

The flat, beautifully shaped housing featuring a modern design has a continuous, robust glass surface. You can choose between the colours black and white.

The clever call forwarding feature will take care of that!
Up to two random telephone numbers can be specified per participant. If one number cannot be reached, the call is forwarded to the next stored number. If you can’t answer the phone right now, a visitor can easily reach your partner, for example. The function can, of course, be easily activated or deactivated according to your needs.

Door intercom call forwarding to an external participant
For all DoorLine models, you can create an absence number in addition to the stored numbers. It can then be activated if required, and all calls are switched to this one number. — Practical when everyone’s out on a family outing together, for example.

Start managing your home smart way!