IP Alarm Siren

IP Alarm Siren

Audible and visual signal output in alarm cases via piezo speaker and LEDs



The Homematic IP Alarm Siren is part of the Homematic IP smart home system and scares burglars away with a sound pressure of up to 90 decibels. Furthermore, the alarm siren offers additional useful features. Because apart from the loud siren, two high-luminous LEDs generate additional attention. You can adjust the alarm sound by selecting between various different sounds. Particularly useful are the signal sounds for activating and deactivating the alarm mode. Due to the radio communication, the innovative alarm siren can be operated wirelessly and the device can be positioned anywhere you want. As the design of the device is similar to a smoke alarm, the Homematic IP Alarm Siren can be mounted inconspicuously to ceilings, out of the reach of burglars. If, however, a burglar is able to reach the siren, an integrated tamper contact reliably detects manipulation and triggers and alarm.

  • Early warning thanks to loud acoustic signal with ≥ 90 dB @ 1 m distance as well red signal LEDs
  • Optional acoustic signals for activating or deactivating the security solution
  • Different acoustic signals and the alarm duration can be defined
  • Tamper contact detects manipulation or unauthorised removal
  • Easy and flexible wall or ceiling mounting out of reach for burglars using supplied screws and plugs
  • Design similar to smoke alarm
  • To enable operation, the device has to be connected with one of the following solutions:
    – Homematic IP Access Point with free smartphone app and free cloud service
    – Central Control Unit CCU2/CCU3 with local user interface WebUI
    – Third-party solutions of partners

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