Windows and doors

Windows and doors

You will no longer have to carry around your bunch of keys during running! Simply connect any kind of fingerprint sensor with a push-button interface to the CCU2 and the system solution will open your front door. Even windows that are difficult to access can now be used for ventilation. Simply install the CasaSIT Windows solution on your window and even while being on the move you can check via our apps if windows are really closed.



HomeMatic Wireless Window Drive WinMatic
WinMatic allows convenient window opening and closing of windows via remote controls

HomeMatic Wireless Door Lock Actuator KeyMatic
Open, lock and unlock your doors at the touch of a button directly on the device or comfortably with the supplied remote control

HomeMatic Wireless Window Drive WinMatic, rechargeable battery pack
Rechargeable battery pack for wireless-controlled window drive WinMatic

HomeMatic Wireless Window Rotary Handle Sensor
Small and inconspicuous wireless window rotary handle sensor detects the current position of the window

HomeMatic Wireless Shutter Contact
Small, colour-matched wireless door/window contact quickly detects opened and closed doors and windows

Homematic IP Garage Door Controller
Enables opening, closing and stopping of garage doors in connection with garage door drives

HomeMatic Wireless Door/Window Sensor, optical
Wireless door/window sensor for optical recognition of open and closed doors and windows

HomeMatic Remote Control 4 buttons KeyMatic
Handy wireless remote control

HomeMatic Wireless Combination Signalling Device MP3
Acoustic reproduction of any desired sound files via loudspeaker

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